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Check out our promo video for our upcoming debut release, "Paper Doll!" You can order exclusive merch packages as well. See below!

Mansion Package: Super Fan Box!
  • Mansion Package: Super Fan Box!
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Hey, Super Fan! In this box, you'll receive our "Paper Doll" album on CD or jump drive AND on vinyl along with our exclusively designed paper doll by Melissa Taylor, a "Paper Doll" scented candle, a Savannah Red Music t-shirt, and a signed photo of Savannah Red herself!

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Q. This is a pre-sale. When can I expect my package?
A. We will release digitally on September 18, 2020. You can expect your package 1-2 weeks after, except for vinyl. Vinyl can take a little longer, so we will keep you updated on when that is available. We will send the rest of the items before the vinyl if that is the case.

Q. If I buy a jump drive, will I also receive a digital download?
A. Yes! You will receive it on September 18, 2o2o.

Q. If I donated to your GoFundMe in 2015, will I receive my items?
A. Yes!

Q. May I purchase more than one package?
A. Yes, please do! Buy one for everyone you know! :)

Q. How will you know if I'd like a CD or Jump Drive or get my t-shirt size?
A. We will send out a Typeform via email for you to fill out. 

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